DAY 5 -Tuesday Galapagos Cruise – Santiago Island

Playa Espumilla

Playa Espumilla

AM: Playa Espumilla / Bucanero
Espumilla  beach  is  located  in  northern coast of  Santiago Island in James Bay. During the last presence the El Niño phenomenon, one of the two lagoons in this site, underwent a process of sedimentation, thus causing the disappearance
of a  representative  colony  of  flamingos.  The main attractions are the  palosanto  forest  and  the marvelous. The beach is an important site for nesting marine turtles.

PM: Puerto Egas, Santiago Island
Its black beach is located at the west side of the island and is the main attraction of the island. Their volcanic tuff deposits have favored the formation of this special black sand beach.
This site is called Puerto Egas, because there was an attempt of company of Hector Egas, to start the exploitation of salt, which failed because the price of salt in the continent was very cheap, and did not justify its exploitation in Galapagos. The project was  abandoned and they left their infrastructure.